At Robert Palma Designs our standard for quality also extends to our standards to observe the highest ethical policies in doing business, period. We have zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. We understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from, and we share that concern with you. Every diamond we sell is certified conflict-free in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and United Nations resolutions. We only purchase polished diamonds from sources which are members of the professional diamond trade.

You've done the hard part and found your life-long partner. Now let us help you find the perfect diamond.

We have a large inventory of certified diamonds that have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL), or the American Gemological Society (AGS). But its also important to know what diamond choices are available BEFORE you make a final decision.

Selecting a diamond can be daunting. Did you know there are black diamonds, chocolate diamond, orange diamonds, green diamonds and red diamonds? Did you know that an emerald cut is not the same as an emerald gemstone? Is a diamond with a clarity grade of VVS1 really worth thousands of dollars more than the same stone with a clarity grade of VS2? We’ll help you understand why. We have diamonds in every size and quality to match your budget. All our fine diamonds are certified to guarantee carat weight, color and clarity. See below in diamond guide for more information or come in and visit us. We will be more than happy to guide you through everything.

  • Cut

    The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance or sparkle. Each shape will be cut differently. Before a diamond is cut, the location of inclusions and flaws, the natural coloration, and the original shape of the rough stone are studied extensively. The stone facets are then mapped out and cut in a way that maximizes size, shape, and clarity. For optimal light performance, you will want a diamond that is cut neither too shallow nor too deep.

  • Color

    Diamonds are graded based on the amount of color they do or do not possess. The scale runs from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). An absolutely colorless diamond is rare and therefore very valuable.

  • Clarity

    A diamond is distinguished by its natural characteristics, just as a person would be noted for her blue eyes or his brown hair. Notated as a diamond's clarity, these characteristics can be present on the surface (blemishes) or within the stone (inclusions). The clarity is judged by the number and types of these characteristics and is designated using a scale that runs from Fl, defined as flawless, to I3, defined as inclusions visible with the naked eye. A flawless diamond is truly rare.

  • FL Diamonds - Flawless: No internal or external flaws.

    IF Diamonds - Internally Flawless: No internal flaws.

    VVS1, VVS2 - DiamondsVery, Very Slightly included: Very difficult to see inclusions with 10x magnification.

    VS1, VS2 Diamonds - Very Slightly Included: Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification to a skilled grader.

    SI1, SI2 Diamonds - Slightly Included: Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification and may be visible with the unaided eye.

    I1, I2, I3 Diamonds - Included: Inclusions are visible with the unaided eye.

  • Carat Weight

    The unit of measure used for the weight of a diamond is the carat. As a matter of reference, a carat is equivalent to .2 grams or .007 of an ounce. Carat weight can also be divided further by using points. There are 100 points in one carat. So a 1/4 (.25) carat stone can also be expressed as 25 points and mean exactly the same thing. When comparing two diamonds, please note that just because one is twice the carat weight of the other does not mean that it will appear to be twice the size.

At Robert Palma Designs,

We offer certified lab-grown diamonds that allow you to fulfill your dream of owning a big, bright, white diamond at an unbeatable price. Experience the allure of mining-free, ethically sourced beauty and quality that retains its value, right here in Honolulu.