How to Coordinate Your Diamond Jewelry with Luxury Watches

How to Coordinate Your Diamond Jewelry with Luxury Watches

Many people wear a watch daily, but perhaps don't put on diamond jewelry regularly. This raises the question of how to style the two together. Wearing them at the same time requires a bit of thinking so that they each enhance the other, while also fitting with your personal style. This guide will help you choose diamond jewelry pieces to wear with your favorite luxury watch. 

Your Watch Style

When you're trying to decide if a piece of jewelry goes with your watch you should understand the watch's style. That gives you a clue as to what style of jewelry will look best with it. While this article specifies watches in the luxury category, you can easily translate these tips and tricks to any type/style of watch that you choose to wear. Let's have a quick look at watch styles, which is a good starting point toward guiding you in choosing jewelry for making the most powerful statements. 


Classic timepieces are popular and this is a category you'll see often when you look at any range of luxury watches, especially if you're looking through a Swiss watch gallery. Pairing jewelry with a classic luxury timepiece is as easy as wearing a pair of simple diamond studs or a delicate necklace especially if the watch has a diamond bezel or diamond hour markers. Another great option for this category is to wear slim and understated diamond bracelets


A more rugged watch, even in the luxury category, tends to be chunkier and a little bit more adventurous, which means you can match with jewelry of a similar aesthetic. Think chunky white gold or yellow gold bracelets with glittering diamonds or diamond hoop earrings. You might even mix your diamonds and your watch with wood or stone to further the vibe. 


If your watch is contemporary and modern, you can easily pair it with something that makes a bold statement. This could be diamond earrings that are oversized for making a statement or could be a custom piece that showcases an asymmetrical design that makes it stand out from what everyone else is wearing. Chunky white diamond bracelets and geometric shapes are also the perfect accessory for your modern watch. 

High Design 

If your watch has a standout, striking design, consider if it makes enough of a statement on its own because it can be difficult to put together an ensemble of watch + jewelry. It is probably better to choose subtle pieces in the same metal color as the watch, such as a pair of sterling silver earrings or a simple yellow gold chain

Mixing Metals and Materials

Now that you understand how to choose jewelry to pair with your style of watch, let's talk about matching metals and materials when you add your favorite diamond jewelry to your look for the day. You can certainly combine metals, say white gold with yellow gold, but take some care when doing so to create a cohesive look that lets you showcase your favorite watch, as well as your best quality diamonds.

If you have a two-tone watch, you're already able to pick and choose between the two colors for matching. 

Use the following tips for the best results. 

Gold Watches

When you wear a yellow gold watch, your best bet is to mix it with diamond jewelry that is also made from yellow gold. However, it also matches well with rose gold, so feel free to mix the two as you pile bangles alongside your watch or put stackable rings on your fingers. 

Silver Watches

White gold and silver were made to wear together. Mixing these two metals results in a shining, but also cohesive look that can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. Silver is also considered a neutral color, so it can be paired with rose gold, as well as a variety of other materials, including wooden accents, beaded bracelets, colored gemstones, as well as your favorite white diamonds.

Stainless Steel

Like silver, stainless steel pairs well with a variety of metals and materials. Some will say to avoid mixing gold and silver, but many statement pieces combine the two with a great effect, so feel free to give it a try if you want to. A stainless steel watch matches well with gold so you have a lot of flexibility for adding your luxury diamond jewelry to your watch. 

Layering and Stacking

There's nothing wrong with wearing your watch on its own, but if you want to combine your favorite white diamond pieces with your timepiece, it pays to have a feel for how to mix and match them with each other. Stacking is the term that applies to wearing more than one piece of the same type of jewelry. For example, stacking chunky bracelets, perhaps with your watch in the stack. Done correctly, this look can enhance an outfit and make a trendy style statement at the same time. 

Start with a Statement Piece 

You don't want your entire look to be statement pieces, or it will be too much. Instead, start with a statement piece. Maybe that's your beautiful watch, but it could be a piece of diamond jewelry too. Choose something bold to be the focal point of your look, then build upon it with your other pieces. 

Mix and Match

You can certainly mix and match sizes and shapes as you combine your watch with other jewelry. For example, mix a delicate chain with a statement piece that has a large center diamond. You can also start with a custom-made piece, such as a diamond evil eye necklace, and combine it with more standard items, such as a pair of diamond studs and a classic watch.

Stick to a Color Scheme

When you're pairing your watch with your jewelry, try not to go overboard by mixing lots of colors. This can feel overwhelming for yourself and for others and can make your entire look too chaotic. Instead, choose a color scheme, which can certainly include more than one color, just not all of them. Choose items with similar metals and hues for the best results.  

In Summary

It's an art to successfully wear your luxury watch with your favorite diamond jewelry. With some time and practice, you'll be a pro in no time. Make sure you consider appearance, but also give some thought to function and practicality. Pretty soon, you'll be a master at getting your look just right, no matter what you're wearing. 

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