8 Holiday Proposal Ideas with Sparkling Rings To Match

8 Holiday Proposal Ideas with Sparkling Rings To Match

What could be more magical and romantic than an engagement ring under the Christmas tree? The holiday season is one that many couples choose as a way to take the next step in their relationship and start planning their wedding.

If you are planning to pop the question to the love of your life, make it an event to remember by pairing the ring of her dreams with a holiday marriage proposal that you'll be talking about for the rest of your lives. This Christmas is the perfect time to pop the question and here are some special proposal ideas. 

1. See the Lights

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Imagine seeing her face lit up by the glow of the red and green lights on the houses in your neighborhood. Plan a date to drive around and see the best displays in your area, all while enjoying a mug of hot cocoa.

Many cities offer maps of the most magically lit up homes, so you can create a game plan for seeing the biggest and the best. Play holiday music in the car as you drive from place to place. Take the time to pull over to the most elaborate homes, so you can both snuggle and take in the sights. Then, when you arrive at the ultimate light display, you can pull out the gorgeous ring you've chosen and slide it on her finger as you pop the question.

For the most traditional proposal, get her out of the car to get a closer look, then get down on one knee and start the next phase of your life together. Choose a gorgeous and shimmering three stone heart engagement ring to match the wonder on her face as she looks at the lights. 

2. Advent Calendar Proposal

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Spend the entire month leading up to the perfect proposal, by placing the engagement ring in your advent calendar. Traditionally, the advent calendar offers up a small toy or treat for each day in December, but you can modify this to fit your proposal theme.

Consider putting something meaningful to the two of you in each of the slots or doors. She might start to suspect that something is up, which enhances the anticipation and enjoyment of this proposal. As a bonus, you'll both get into the holiday spirit as you find out what each day's treat is.

A small, but classic Tiffany solitaire will be the perfect fit inside your advent calendar this year. 

3. Hide it in the Tree

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Add some playfulness to your holiday proposal by hiding the engagement ring in the tree. Then, you just need to come up with a plan to get your future spouse to find it.

Maybe you pretend like you need help adjusting the ornaments. Or perhaps you hand her a special ornament to hang. When she approaches the tree, you can have the ring there for her to see, whether you nestle the box inside the limbs or you slide the ring itself onto one of the boughs.

Seeing the surprise on her face will be one of those special moments neither of you will ever forget. A stunning platinum diamond engagement ring will be sure to catch her eye, glimmering in the tree.

4. Propose in Front of the Tree

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Of course, you can do this in front of the tree at home, but take it to a much grander and more spectacular scale by proposing beside a large, gloriously lit tree somewhere in your hometown.

The court building or town square are good places to look for a tree that is dripping with glitz and sparkle, creating the perfect backdrop for getting down on one knee and popping the question.

A professionally decorated tree makes for some very festive and memorable photos, so make sure you have someone there to record your big moment for future generations. For that extra sparkle for your photos, a square halo pave engagement ring is the perfect choice for this proposal. 

This idea also makes for a great backup plan if your grand gesture of a proposal idea fails to come to fruition

5. Rig the Secret Santa 

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If your family does a Secret Santa gift exchange, you can get the others on board to rig the system so you get the name of your partner. That way, when the time comes to exchange gifts, you're ready to pull out the ring and hand it over. This is a fun way to let the love of your life unwrap the ring, then you can get down on one knee as you ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

This is also an indulgent idea if your future spouse likes to be the center of attention, as the rest of the spectators will get to see the proposal. However, if she's more of a romantic moments kind of person, you may want to steer clear of proposing at a family gathering. You'll always be her favorite Santa with a side stone tapered engagement ring

6. Serve it Up with Breakfast in Bed

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Who would turn down a morning burrowed in cozy blankets, with good food and an engagement ring to seal the deal? If you want an intimate proposal that focuses on the love you have for each other alone, this is a playful idea that sets the stage for a perfect engagement.

Start by serving your significant other her favorite breakfast foods while she lounges under the covers. Sip from a bottle of bubbly, then pull out the ring and ask her to be your wife. It's a morning neither of you will ever forget. A princess cut ring in rose gold pairs perfectly with your champagne. 

7. Go For a Sleigh Ride

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If you really want a holiday-themed proposal with a beautiful backdrop, book tickets for a local ride on a sleigh. If it's chilly, you can make it a cozy trip by wrapping up in blankets together and drinking hot chocolate while you listen to the clip clop of the horses' hooves as they carry you both into your future together.

You can choose to ask your partner to marry you on the sleigh itself, or you can disembark somewhere with a gorgeous view under the night sky and make sure that when you seal the deal, there are beautiful photos to mark the occasion. A double halo pear-shaped ring in yellow gold will keep her warm forever.

8. Arrange a Photoshoot 

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The great thing about a proposal at a photoshoot is that you'll both be dressed in your best outfits. Get the photographer in on the event so he or she can give you posing directions that set you both up for the perfect vignette when the ring comes out and the engagement is celebrated.

You might combine your photoshoot with a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine so you can start planning the big day right away. A restaurant with a festive atmosphere is a great way to set the scene and create holiday memories that you'll treasure forever. Give everyone something to look at with a sapphire and diamond pave engagement ring.

Final Thoughts

A proposal is a personal event, but some couples enjoy having their closest family members on hand to help celebrate and record the engagement. Before you pop the question, consider your partner's preferences and create the perfect proposal based on what they will want. Then you can enjoy the holidays as you start planning your engagement party. 

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