2024 Ring Styles For A Valentine's Proposal

2024 Ring Styles For A Valentine's Proposal

Valentine's Day is synonymous with love and romance, so it makes sense that it's a big holiday for marriage proposals. If you think you're going to get engaged on February 14th this year, now is the time to look at the trends and engagement ring styles that you can choose from.

There's something for every bride, from a classic design of yesteryear to the more contemporary designs that modern brides love these days. If you're on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, this guide will tell you how to find it and give you some 2024 options that you're going to love. 

Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

Finding a timeless piece is important when you choose an engagement ring because it's something that will be worn every day for a lifetime. For that reason, knowing how to make your selection is something you should consider before you start shopping. Use these tips to find the  diamond engagement band of your dreams. 

  1. Get the Finger Measured - you want your engagement ring to fit properly, so it's a good idea to get an accurate measurement of the finger size so that the ring is snug, but not too tight or too loose. 
  2. Choose a Shape - center stone shapes are a big consideration, so give some thought to whether the diamond will be round cut, oval cut, radiant cut, etc. 
  3. Think About Size - diamonds and colored gemstones are measured in carat weight and the higher the carat, the larger the stone tends to be (depending on the cut). Choose a size that is proportional to both budget and hand size. 
  4. Look at Precious Metals - most wedding rings are made from gold, silver or platinum, with some featuring white gold or rose gold. Consider the metal and color you want and make sure it blends well with the stones on the ring. 
  5. Match Your Wedding Band - the engagement ring is going to take center stage during the wedding ceremony, but then you'll add the wedding band, so consider that the two rings pair well together. 
  6. Buy Wholesale - there are lots of places to buy a piece of jewelry, but if you haven't considered buying wholesale, you should. Not only is there plenty of variety, but you can also save a bundle of money. 
  7. Take the 4 Cs into Account - color, cut, carat weight and clarity are the 4Cs and each contributes to the appearance of a diamond, as well as its price. Decide which are most important to you and shop accordingly. 
  8. Match the Certificate to the Stone - in addition to certification, you want to be sure the stone matches the certificate, which proves the value of the stone on your ring. 

Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

Now that you know how to choose the perfect ring, you probably want to know which styles are trending. It's important to keep in mind what you love, rather than jumping on a trend that isn't your favorite. After all, an engagement ring is meant to be for a lifetime so it should be adored every time it is looked at. Check out these great trends for 2024 and decide for yourself which is your top choice. 

Yellow Gold Bands 

Silver, platinum and white gold were trendy for years, but in 2024, you're going to see the resurgence of the yellow gold band. Sure, the timeless beauty of yellow gold has always been in demand and has been a classic choice but this year you're likely to see it topping the wish lists of many Valentine's Day brides-to-be. You can find this color of gold on a huge variety of engagement bands, from vintage rings to classic styles, like the large center diamond on a simple and classic band.  

Colored Gemstones 

Colored stones are set to reign supreme in 2024, from the lovely purple of an amethyst to the rich beauty of a blue sapphire. Many modern brides want something unique that looks different than what all other brides are wearing. By choosing a colored center stone, rather than the ubiquitous diamond, that's entirely possible. Add a pop of color to the left ring finger with emeralds, rubies and much more. 

Fun and Fancy Shapes 

If you're looking for something really different, consider the 2024 trend that forecasts loads of fun shapes on engagement ring stones. Round cut diamonds will never go out of style, but you're going to see a lot of pear, oval, heart, and marquis-shaped diamond rings this year. Combine a distinct shape with a colored gemstone for something really special. 

Modern and Minimal 

If the intended wearer is not someone who wants to be dripping in jewels, a modern and minimal style may be just what you're looking for. That means a simple band with a small stone. Or, in other words, something simple and sleek. A classic solitaire engagement ring is the best way to jump on this trend. 

Lab Grown Diamonds

With the increased focus on sustainability and environmental matters, many brides are choosing a lab grown diamond in their ring as an alternative to a mined stone. Not only does a lab grown stone perfectly mimic the mined version, but you can feel good about preserving resources and protecting employees by opting out of the traditional stone that most brides choose. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are also significantly cheaper than rings with natural diamonds so you really can get more bang for your buck. 

Toi et Moi Rings 

Translated from French, toi et moi means "you and me." If the two of you are hopeless romantics, this style of ring is a fun trend in 2024 that you will love. It's not actually, new but everything old is new again at some point. The idea is a ring that has two center stones, linked together to signify your love and commitment. You can choose diamonds or two different stones, based on what you love and what makes sense to you as a couple. This trend is similar to the one where the bands on the ring are intertwined, signifying the coming together of two into one. 

Multi Stone Rings 

The classic style of a band with a large stone will always be on trend, but in 2024, jewelry designers are bringing multi-stone rings to the table, and you are going to love them. Whether you opt for a three stone engagement ring, or you choose something like a halo that is encircled with smaller stones, it will definitely stand out with the glitter and sparkle it produces. 

Vintage Rings

Though they aren't antiques, vintage is back in a big way this year. To really make this Valentine's Day special, a vintage engagement ring is a fun way to make the day memorable with a ring that won't be like any other bride's. Whether it's Art Deco or a period ring from a certain era, vintage is the way to go in 2024. 

In Summary

The most important thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is to find what you love, regardless of trends. With the beautiful choices on this list or others available at Robert Palma Designs, you're sure to find precisely what you're looking for to make this Valentine's Day the best ever. 

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