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Appraisals – While You Wait and Watch

All appraisals are done on-site while you wait and watch by a Graduate Gemologist. We perform estate and insurance appraisals.

Reasons to get your jewelry appraised:

  • Insurance companies often require an appraisal of your jewelry in order to obtain coverage.
  • Because we are GIA certified, any insurance company in the U.S accepts all of our appraisals.
  • Due to skyrocketing prices of precious gems and metals, we highly recommend you update your appraisals every 2 years.
  • In the event of a theft, an appraisal will help in the identification and recovery of your stolen items.
  • Are you fully covered? Typical homeowner’s insurance policies only cover up to $500 in jewelry loss. Check with your insurance company to make sure that your jewelry is properly covered.

"We Perform Estate and Insurance Appraisals!"


Expert Jewelry and Watch Repair

Just like cars, your treasured jewelry needs to be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis – preventative maintenance is the key! Call today for a free inspection- right here in our workshop- while you wait & watch.

Cleaning and Inspection

Free inspection – right here in our shop – watch & wait.

Free professional cleaning – make your jewelry look new!

Discover small problems before they become costly.

Jewelry is not indestructible; our knowledgeable staff will tell you if something is wrong. Over time prongs can wear or break, stones can loosen, and metal can become thin and crack. Jewelry inspection is preventive maintenance. If you have your jewelry checked regularly, simple problems can be caught early. We can tell you what’s wrong, then repair that problem before costly damage occurs or worse, loss of your precious gems.

On-Site Jewelry Repair

On-Site means fast & safe turnaround. You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. Saving you worry and time spent shipping repairs out.All jewelry repairs are completed on-site in our fully-equipped shop. Our experienced jewelers will examine your piece of jewelry, consult if necessary and explain your options for repair and free price quotes.


Any items that need to be left with us is insured up to $1 million. We keep everything is a locked, fireproof safe.